New Age Bulldog

The New Age Bulldog is a small to medium size dog with a thick smooth coat, well built, muscular, giving the impression of great strength and no limitations. The New Age Bulldog is broad with wide shoulders and sturdy limbs bred for companionship and show. The New Age Bulldog stands proud and is well tempered exhibiting no aggressive behavior.



The head of the New Age Bulldog is broad and square when viewed from all sides. The stop should be deep and well defined; the distance from the stop to the occiput should be 2/3 to 1/3 of the muzzle. The occiput is the back of the head.


Set wide apart and low in the skull, not sunken with a good width of muzzle. Eyes should be of moderate size not bulging. Any color is acceptable.


One to three wrinkles across the nose, nostrils open not small or closed.


Top and Bottom Jaws should be broad, canines set wide apart. The bite should be undershot no more than ¾ inch and should have six teeth in between the canines. Scissor bite, level bite, and wry jaw are disqualifying faults.


Moderate in size, set wide apart, never erect, facing forward giving the appearance of being square. (Rose Ears) Ears should not be pricked or cropped.


Short, muscular and compact, topline level. Sway back and roach back are faults.


Short, smooth to the touch, thick not harsh.


Moderate length, thick slightly arched.

Forequarters and Shoulders

Good depth and width of brisket, not concave, well let down between forearms. Shoulders well laid back (angled) with good spring of ribs. Forearms should exhibit heavy bone set wide apart and straight.


Moderate in size, compact and firmly set. Toes compact well split up. Pasterns up not down.

Hindquarters and Hocks

Muscular giving the impression of great strength. Thighs thick, hocks well let down.


Powerful, fluid and agile. Dogs should have a balanced gait that drives off the rear allowing the dog to cover ground. Dogs should single track.


Screwed, short, kinked or pump handle but never inverted.

Height and Weight

12 to 16 inches both male and female
18 to 26 kg both male and female
Both males and females should be proportionate


All colors are acceptable.


Inverted Tail
Nostrils small and closed
Roach and sway back
Splayed feet


Cryptorchidism – absence of one or both testes from scrotum
Human aggression
Scissor Bite
Level Bite
Wry Mouth