Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What dog registries does the ABKC accept?
A: The ABKC currently accepts UKC, AKC & ADBA for American Bullies; BBC for Shorty Bulls and AKC, FCI, NKC, ABRA and IOEBA for Bulldog breeds.

Q: What payment methods will be accepted with the ABKC?
A: We accept checks, money orders and now payment can be made via PayPal.
The paypal email address is [email protected],please print and include the receipt when mailing in your documents. FedEx is also available for International paperwork additional Fed Ex fee can be to be determined.

Paypal Link:

Q: How can we register our dog?
A: All registrations must be mailed in (see PDF at the right side of the page to download registration form). Download the form you need. Fill out form completely. Make sure the form is fully completed with legible writing. The ABKC is not responsible for errors due to unclear handwriting. Copy certificate showing ownership and your pedigree certificate (4 generations) for verification of lineage and ownership. A front and side view picture of the dog must accompany your pedigree. Send fee of $30.00 per dog. ABKC accepts money orders, cashier checks & personal checks payable to American Bully Kennel Club Mail into the office. Processing time once ABKC receives the paper work is 3-4 weeks. DO NOT send in original paperwork. Do not send in blurry or small images.

Q. Does the ABKC offer priority service?
Yes. The ABKC offers two options for priority service. For “IN-HOUSE RUSH” service, your paperwork is processed within 1-10 business days once received in the office. This option is mailed back 1st class mail via the USPS. ***This DOES NOT expedite the mailing time***. IN-HOUSE RUSH service costs $25 additional per item. For “FED EX Mail” service, your paperwork is processed within 1-10 business days and mailed via Fed Ex, typically received within 2-5 business days. Fed Ex Fees vary based on location and are subject to change. Please note not all domestic locations offer overnight delivery. In those cases, delivery will be the second business day.  PLEASE NOTE RUSH ITEMS MAY BE DELAYED DUE TO UNFORESEEN ACTS OF NATURE.

Q. What if I have not received my registration paperwork yet?

  1. In general, we need to allow 30 days from the issue date of paperwork to allow the post office time to deliver the work or return it to us through our Returned Mail. If after 30 days you have not received your paperwork you may email the office, [email protected], and advise the team you have yet to receive said paperwork; Please include your full name, name of the dog you are missing papers for, and the address on file. The team will assist you on our recovery methods that are listed below:

If papers are not received within 30 days of issuance 

Courtesy Copy to Same Address On File 

If papers are not received after 30 days of issuance 

Recovery Fee


If papers are not received after 60 days of issuance 

Tracked Recovery Fee

$15.00 (Includes Tracking #)

  • Courtesy copies are only sent to the same address on file and will only be issued once within the 30-day timeframe.
  • Recovery papers after 30 days will only be issued one time for the $5.00 fee. 

If you do not receive the paperwork after the first recovery option (Courtesy copy or $5.00 recovery fee), the client is responsible to pay the $15.00 recovery option with tracking (you may always opt for this tracked recovery method first to ensure delivery). 

*Please note the $15.00 tracked option is only a recovery fee and not an initial shipping fee. 

*Please note ABKC is not a carrier and is not responsible for the paperwork after it leaves our office and enters the postal system. ABKC is not responsible for lost mail in the postal system.

Q. How long does the ABKC keep the original submitted paperwork?
A. The ABKC office only keeps submitted documents for one year from date of receipt.  You should always keep copies or originals (if submitted online) for your records for as long as you own the dog.

Q. How do I register a flagged dog and/or lineage?

  1. Application/Single Dog Registration form must be sent to ABKC office with three photos from front and sides, accompanied by a minimal three generation pedigree from approved registries. *Dogs must be at least 1 year of age at time of application.
  2. Evaluation by a Senior Judge; which is optional by judge by photo, live, or video (preference being in person). If Senior Judge approves, then a letter of statement from the Senior Judge will be returned to the office. The office will forward the letter along with a copy of pedigree and pictures of the dog, possibly video, to the ABKC panel for further approval.
  3. ABKC panel must review pedigree, pictures, possible video and statement from Senior Judge. If approved then all information will be forwarded to the ABKC office.
  4. ABKC office, reviews all necessary information, some to require DNA testing. If approved then the dog will become ABKC registered.

*Dogs will not be allowed to show until all above criteria has been met and the ABKC has registered the dog.

*If the dogs do not meet the initial criteria for applying for inspection, the office will have the right to deny the application and refuse the process.