Bullies by the Bay 2, Hayward, CA

Best of Breed: CH Espinoza’s Scarface
Champion: CH Espinoza’s Scarface
Reserve Champion: CH Blue Rocks Titanium
Best of Winners: Blue Print
Best of Standard: Cocoa
Best of Pocket: Blue Print
Best of XL: Duke
Best of Extreme: Tear Drop
Standard Best Male: Dozer
Reserve Best Male: Smiley Wright
Best Female Standard: Cocoa
Reserve Best Female: Zelles Victoria
6-9 Months Puppy Female
1st: Nikki Minaj
2nd: Daxs Blackwidow
9-12 Months Puppy Female
1st: Eve
2nd: Mz. Berry
1-2 Junior Female
1st: Zelles Victoria
2nd: none
2-3 Adult Female
1st: Cocoa
2nd: BayArea Sugar
3-up Senior Female
1st: Lillu
2nd: Lilo
6-9 Months Puppy Male
1st: Max
2nd: Kenzee
9-12 Months Puppy Male
1st: OWB Tuff
2nd: Lil Yoda
1-2 Junior Male
1st: Grupted
2nd: Reliance King Cobra
2-3 Adult Male
1st: Dozer
2nd: Bag Boss
3-up Senior Male
1st: Smiley Wright
2nd: Apocolypses
Best Male Pocket: Blue Print
Reserve Best Male: HBIC’s Vinnie Paz
Best Female Pocket: Short Strides Kandy
Reserve Best Female: Cruzs Tila
1-2 Junior Female
1st: Short Strides Kandy
2nd: Reliances Maci
2-3 Adult Female
1st: Cruzs Tila
2nd: none
3-up Senior Female
1st: Savala Mala
2nd: none
1-2 Junior Male
1st: Blue Print
2nd: Diablos Clash Titans
2-3 Adult Male
1st: HBIC’s Vinnie Paz
2nd: none
3-up Senior Male – N/A
Best Male XL: Duke
Reserve Best Male: Dro Biznezz
Best Female XL: none
Reserve Best Female: none
Females no XL class for females No Bullys
1-2 Junior Male
1st: Duke
2nd: Blue FawnZerelli
2-3 Adult Male
1st: Dro Biznezz
2nd: none
3-up Senior Male
1st: Umali
2nd: Boss
Best Male EX:
Reserve Best Male:
Best Female EX:
Reserve Best Female:
1-2 Junior Male
1st: Tear Drop
2nd: Bagatti
2-3 Adult Male
1st: Golden State Chuckie
2nd: Mighty Mouse
3-up Senior Male
1st: Perez King Azul
2nd: none
1-2 Junior Females
1st: Revolution Dior
2nd: OTH Bullies Beautiful
2-3 Adult Female – N/A
3 & up Female – N/A