Barbara Villasenor (Marin)

My Bio

I am a Breeder of American Pit Bull Terriers for 38 years and still breeding them to this day.

My Kennel name is Marins Kennels  

I do have dogs out of the country doing very well in Italy and Japan 

All my life I did a lot for the Breed.  Anyone who knows me knows my dogs, also I fought hard for my breed all the way to the state Capital of California.

I do stand behind my breed as others also do.

I started off in 1979 in ADBA showing my dogs and doing weight pulls with my dogs. 

moved on to UKC in showing and became a Judge in 1996 I judged all though the states and out of the country.

I was inducted into the Hall of Fame in UKC, not many breeders were brought in at that time. 

Also, I was in ASAC, ARBA Judge.  I’m very honored to be a judge to this day 

As it stands, I’m very honored to be a judge for ABKC  All my life I’ve been very busy in ALL Breeds and now ABKC is my life and I’m very honored.