Gianni Murciano

I entered the APBT world as studious from 1997 to 2004, year in which I started my project under the LONGHORN KENNEL name. The one in Europe to preserve and evolve old bloodlines such as Camelot, Peterson and Amberlite. Since 2004 I am Director of pedigrees database in the oldest and 30 yrs old APBT association in Italy named PBS. I created a well known and identified type of dog that people recognize as Red Bulldog, giving life to 2 divisions from Slovenia to Finland. Since 2011 I own and train a few number of purple color American Bullies starting a private project to promote a new vision of sporting and big boned dogs. Nowadays I am the main point for hundreds of people who enter the dog world and want to learn more of the past. Since 2012 I was nominated President of Elite Edge in Italy for a better and clean vision of the breed.