Prie Roldan

My name is Prie Roldan and I have always had a great love and passion for dogs. At the age of 9 I was given my first puppy, a Labrador Retriever. I poured myself into learning how to care for him, groom him, train him, but even at such a young age, I was infatuated with movement, structure, and history of the breed.  As the years went on my curiosity naturally grew for other breeds… I learned so much about dogs over the next several years, owning, training, and learning several different breeds.  Fast forward to 2013, my now husband Tone took me to my first ABKC show and I instantly fell in love with the American Bully. From that moment on is history! With my husband Tone, I went on to show, title and earn Top Dog with the registry’s first #1 APBT “Snoop” in 2015. Since then, we have produced over 10 Champion and Grand Champion American Bullies and 2017 brought my first French Bulldog. As soon as she was of age, I immediately began exhibiting her all over the country, in 2018 she won the GRCH class at ABKC Nationals, which kicked off the campaign in 2019…not only did we have two of our GRCH produced French Bulldogs in the ABKC Top 10, our girl was #1 Breed winner with over 64 BOB and over 40 Best in shows. In 2020-2021 we continued to grow the GRCH Bully Productions and added 3 more produced Champion Frenchie’s and 5 produced Grand Champion Frenchie’s to the lineup. I personally have exhibited our productions in the ABKC, UKC and AKC, earning titles or pointed in each registry with our French Bulldogs, and ABKC and UKC with our bullies.  I have attended several breed learning webinars, seminars, and judging webinars. I have completed the AKC Canine College Breed Courses to include the APBT, French Bulldog, American Staffordshire Terrier, Cane Corso, and Bulldog. Exhibiting over the last 8 years has given me the opportunity to put hands on several different breeds, learn several different bully and other breed standards, and has also given me the drive to want to educate and better our American Bully Breed.  I am happy to say our daughter Christine has grown to love the breed and exhibiting and I could not be prouder of what she has accomplished as well. Besides what has been done in the show ring and our breeding programs, ABKC has been the building block and our home where we have created lifelong friendships and family. As passionate as I am about the breeds, I am equally as passionate about our ABKC community and could not be more humbled and honored to be part of such a strong team of Judges and Mentors.