Ragim Magh

  “Hello my name is Ragim Magh. 20 years ago, I realized that I had a tremendous passion for breeding and exhibiting dogs. I started handling American Staffordshire terrier’s and was proud to present them at FCI events earning many titles. This led to my obtaining and owning other breeds. I have experience with American bulldogs, American Pitbull terrier’s and Rottweilers.

I became interested in the American Bully. I currently own, breed and exhibit several varieties. I am very active in the bully community and I have traveled around the world attending shows and training seminars.

I like educating the bully community. I have organized events and classes to bring awareness and knowledge to the public about the American bully breed and I look forward to continuing this practice of educating and sharing information.

I am looking forward to seeing and meeting all of you in the showing.”