SoCo Bully Expo, Colorado Springs, CO

Best Of Breed: Quetzal Oshen
Champion: Lei Lani
Reserve Champion: N/A
Best Of Winners: Quetzal Oshen
Best Of Standard: Quetzal Oshen
Best Of Pocket: Jag El Diablo Ragr
Best Of XL: Crown Julez
Best Of Classic: Road Dog’s Dutches Siggal
Standard Best Male: Quetzal Oshen
Reserve Best Male: Mikelands Thor
Standard Best Female: SLB’s La Rae
Reserve Best Female: Guardians Spice
6-9 Months Puppy Female
2nd: Athen
9-12Months Puppy Female
1st: SLB’s La Rae
2nd: Rocafella’s Let’s Get Tipsy
1-2 Junior Female
1st: Guardians Spice
2nd: Baby Girl
2-3 Adult Female
1st: Daz Dillinger
2nd: Ultra Violet
3-up Senior Female
1st: Rockafella’s Milkshake
2nd: N/A
6-9 Month Males
1st: Mikelands Thor
2nd: Capone
1-2 Junior Males
1st :American Made Bulliez Commando
2nd :970 Bullies Zues States
2-3 Adult Males
1st :Quetzal Oshen
2nd :Bullies Edge Sosa
3-up Senior Male
1st: Rocafella’s Gorilla Boy Papo
2nd: N/A
Best Pocket Male: Jag El Diablo Ragr
Best Reserve Male: N/A
Best Pocket Female: Soldier Girl
Reserve Pocket Female: 1st Lady
1-2 Junior Females
1st: 1st Lady
2nd: Denim’s Sin City
2-3 Adult Females – N/A
3-up Senior Females
1st : Soldier Girl
2nd: Tasi
Males 1-2 Junior – N/A
2-3 Adult Males
1st :Jag El Diablo Ragr
2nd : WCG Black Envy Of BRG
3-up Senior Males – N/A
Best Male Xl: Rosales Mr. Blue Califas
Reserve Best Male: Makaha Champion
Best Female XL: Crown Julez
Reserve Best Female: N/A
1-2 Junior Females – N/A
2-3 Adult Females
1st: Crown Julez
2nd: N/A
3-up Adult Females – N/A
1-2 Junior Males
1st: Makaha Champion
2nd: GKK’s Big Blue Spanky
2-3 Adult Males
1st: Capone
2nd: N/A
3-up Adult Males
1st: Rosales Mr. Blue Palifas
2nd: Bryson’s Resin
Best Male Classic: 719 Bully’s Havok
Reserve Best Male: Demon Boy
Best Female Classic: Road Dog’s Dutches Siggal
Reserve Best Female: Georgia
1-2 Junior Females
1st: Road Dog’s Dutches Siggal
2nd: Brooklyn Sky
2-3 Adult Females – N/A
3-upAdult Females
1st: Georgia
2nd: N/A
1-2 Junior Males
1st: Demon Boy
2nd: N/A
2-3 Adult Males
1st: 719 Bully’s Havok
2nd: N/A
3-up Senior Males – N/A