Now is the time for help
The UK breed ban appears it will pass and we have to do what we can to fight this.
We have been working with various groups in the UK as well created a legal team to fight this ban.
Yesterday we met with the Barrister who will be the lead in this fight, but we need the help of everyone in the community.
This isn’t just about the XL American Bully or limited to the UK, this will affect many breeds and spread to many Countries.
We desperately need the support from everyone.
This is the official Go Fund me that will go directly to the Barrister fees.

The ABKC is Committed to Protecting The American Bully

The ABKC has been hard at work, behind the scenes, fighting what we believe is an unjust law and misrepresentation of the American Bully as a breed in the UK.

Although we cannot comment specifically, we want the community to know that the ABKC has hired legal representation to fight for you within both the USA and the UK.  A team of very skilled attorneys, professional dog advocates and other incredibly skilled individuals who we feel will give us the best chance at a favorable outcome have been attained.  The ABKC has had meetings with these folks, has shared information and data, and have opened up a line of communication between all of us so we can all work on the main goal.

It is important to note that we do not believe this is just an ABKC and American Bully problem.  We feel that what the UK is doing hurts all potential dog owners, and could set a dangerous precedent through-out the whole world.  Please remember that there are MANY other registries out there, and their members are affected just as much as you are.  The ABKC has taken a stance to fight for these dogs and for their owners.

The ABKC has also attained a PR team.  This team will not only help us in getting the proper messages out to the general public, but will also help facilitate better communication between our members and the ABKC staff.  It is important to remember that every member of the ABKC has a responsibility to promote this breed in a positive manner, and the PR team will help all of our members in doing so.

The ABKC will also be starting what we are calling a “coalition of breeders” – This small group of breeders within our community will act as liaisons between individual breeders and the ABKC, and will act as intermediaries to facilitate smooth communication and cooperation. They will assist breeders in understanding and adhering to the registry’s standards, address inquiries or concerns, and represent the collective interests of breeders to the registry. Their role is to streamline the relationship between breeders and the ABKC, ensuring that ethical breeding practices are maintained, and breed standards are upheld within the ABKC’s framework.

A new website packed full of information, along with other excited projects have been started.  The framework is being designed now, but come back soon for more information on what this means for you and your customers.

Lastly, we have made a conscious effort to create a better streamlined registry for you.  All aspects of business are being combed over.  We want to not only make things more professional, but also make them easier.  Easier for you to do business, easier for you to get the information you need, and easier for the general public to see what wonderful dogs we have. 



The ABKC plans to fight as hard as possible, and for as long as possible for the dogs and for their owners.  Our legal representation has asked us to be silent on our plans until we hear what the UK Government plans to do.  Right now, we expect to learn a lot more on October 18th, 2023.  After we’ve heard what they have to say, we will be meeting with our legal representatives and will start one or more of our plans that we’ve already discussed.



Please consider DONATING HERE to help.

The ABKC is working on creating a page that you can direct people to that explains our side, and how we feel about the issues in the UK.  We will continue to update this page, and we hope that you can direct people to it.

Promoting our breed in a positive light is crucial.  The media is portraying these dogs in a way that we all know is not true.  We need to promote the breed as happy, playful family dogs – just as they’ve always been intended to be.

Let your voices be heard, but do so in the right way.

Remember, the Government seems to have already made up their mind.  It is now our job to spread awareness to the general public to showcase that our dogs are not what they make them out to be.  As a group with 1 goal, we can get the message out there.  Let’s all work together to achieve this goal!

download Information:

DOWNLOAD Evidence for EFRA regarding the discussion on the merits of the ‘XL Bully’ ban. 

DOWNLOAD Bully Watch – Research based on fraud, bias and hype.

For more information, please visit Don't Ban Me, License Me