ABKC Announces New Judge

Want to give a huge ABKC welcome to our latest addition to our Team of Honorable ABKC Judges… a man of great knowledge and integrity who I personally look forward to having in our Ring and feel he will represent the registry and Breeds in the best light possible.

Welcome to the team Honorable ABKC judge Daniel Broggin.

Hello, my name is Daniel Broggin. Dogs have been this man’s best friend my entire life. In all honesty, I don’t know where I’d be without them. Growing up, my family and friends along with myself were all proud owners of the Pitbull Terrier. During my college years I stumbled across the American Bully. After a fair amount of research, my fascination with the breed grew more and more as each article was read. In 2009 I purchased Broad Street Bullies Kiara, and the rest was history. I’ve always been a competitor and loved breaking stereotypes, so being a Show Fancier and Advocate for this breed was a no brainer. My first ever produced American Bully went on to become a Grand Champion. Through the countless hours of training, socializing, and learning, I became hooked!!! From Grand Champion Roxy, came multiple produced Champions along with Champions of Clients as well. In 2015, my second owned Grand Champion was crowned. 2015’s Top Female American Bully Broadway’s Khaleesi was a force like none other in the Show Ring. While campaigning her, a lot of my peers and even strangers that I came in contact with all suggested that I pursued the career in becoming a Judge. Most felt I had a keen sense of knowledge about the breed but also had knack for educating those around me. Over the course of my 12-year career with this specific breed, I’ve champed out over 10 productions and countless dogs for others. 3 Grand Champion females have come from my Camp along with 4 others from clients. But none of those accolades measure up to the memories of traveling and making new likeminded friends and meeting advocates for such and amazing breed. I’m thankful and honored to be a part of such rich tradition and the original registry for the American Bully. I vow to the community to be just that…an Advocate for the breed, an Educator, and someone that is fair who also stands on his morals. I’m looking forward to this next phase and can’t wait to put hands on some amazing dogs while creating lifelong friendships along the way! Until then, keep it Bully!

Daniel Broggin

Owner of The Fully Loaded Project….

“Where Being a Bully is a Good Thing”