ABKC Announces New Judge

Want to give a huge ABKC welcome to the newest addition to our team of Honorable ABKC Judges, we believe she will be a great asset to the ring and community.

Welcome to the team!

Honorable ABKC Judge Jamie Villagomez

I was born into the dog show world, my mother was a dog breeder, handler, and trainer for German Shepherds. When I was 3 years old, I went to my Mom and said, “Me can do it”, meaning I could show dogs just like her, and I did, and I haven’t stopped. At the age of 10 years old I started to apprentice under Professional Handlers Mike and Shannon Stone. I worked for them for 5 years caring for up to 20 dogs. I did grooming, handling and assisted at dog shows. I have also apprenticed under Bill and Taffy McFadden and Bruce Schultz, all top AKC professional handlers.

At 10 years old I also started showing in Jr. Showmanship. I really enjoyed traveling around the country showing my dog and competing against kids my own age. I quickly ranked in the top 20 Jr. Handlers in AKC, there are thousands of kids all over the country and I was in the top 20. I was extremely proud of this accomplishment. As I got older, I showed in and won many invitational shows and accrued enough points to show at the Westminster Dog show in 1995. I also won the German Shepherd Nationals 2 years in a row for the years 1996 &1997.

In 1997 I quit showing in Jr. Showmanship and became a professional handler and breeder of top German Shepherds. I have bred, trained, and shown multiple National winners in the USA and Canada.

I have several ROM animals – Register of Merit – you receive this title when your animal has produced several champions.

I have bred well over 100 AKC German Shepherd Champions.

I have participated and helped teach at many handling seminars at the AKC GSD Nationals.

I started in Bullies in 2011, I found a local dog show and asked people if I could show their dog. I became hooked and fell in love with the breed. I have finished many ABKC dogs, won numerous Best in Shows and trained several top dogs of multiple breeds.

I have successfully won in ABKC with my dog GCH Ramos Tuff Cookie. At 6 months old she won her first Best in Show, it was her first show and only her 2nd time ever in a ring. She became a champion at 1 years old at the 2015 ABKC Nationals and won best over classic. I believe I have proven that a female Classic can win and compete with #1 dogs.

I love the Bull breed and feel I’m knowledgeable in dog structure and movement. I believe I would be a great asset to the bully community by judging the bull breed, following the breed standard and being true to the written standard. I believe that with my experience I will conduct proper ring procedure and judge with professionalism. The bull breed has so much potential to grow and I really want to become a part of the movement.

Jamie Villagomez – NewHeart Bullies