Alcides Adonay Rodriguez “Quiti”

Mi name is Alcides Adonay Rodriguez (Quiti Rodriguez). I was born in Guatemala in 1983 and since I was a little boy I´ve always been surrounded by dogs. My father was a St. Bernard breeder, and it was then when I first took a liking for dogs.

Mi very first dog was a Boxer, and it was then when I developed an interest in show dogs. I quickly leaned towards Bull breeds.  It was the American Pitbull that first caught my eye, and in 1998 I acquired mi first specimen.

In 2004 I began working, producing and exhibiting the Guatemalan Dogo breed. Many of my specimens achieved Champion titles in the different FCI local shows we attended.

In 2008 I was introduced to the American Bully breed and I began following what was being developed and exhibited of many different dog breeds in international exposition shows at the moment, but it was until late 2009 I acquired my first American Bully specimen, thusly, I began working with different specimens and, as time went by, we managed to work our own productions, always keeping the wellbeing and health of such specimens.

From 2011 to 2013 some friends and I have put together Fun Shows to introduce the American Bully breed in Guatemala and foment the beginning of such shows in our country.  In 2013 I had the idea of making a musical video to promote what bull-breed dogs truly are and, till today, we strive to raise awareness that these breeds aren’t bad themselves, it is the bad owners that give them a bad name.

In 2016 I began working in the first International Bull Registration in Guatemala, Fedebull (Spanish acronym) and in that same year I had the chance to begin working with ABKC sponsored by Judges and Representatives Mauricio Campas and Roberto Guzman.  In 2017 I was appointed an ABKC Representative, and along a work team, we brought to Guatemala the first ABKC official show.  As of today, we are promoting ABKC shows, making Guatemala the Central American country with the most ABKC shows made to date as we have also witnessed several national and international specimens become Champions in these shows.

I am currently continuing my work with ABKC and have become an English Bulldog, American Bully and Shorty Bully breeder under the name of DARK SIDE BULLYZ, always striving to keep the highest standards in health and wellness in all our specimens.

As a Judge I commit myself to uphold the ABKC code of ethics, to be a professional and responsible judge, and to always follow the breed guidelines and standards.