Marcus Jose

Hello Bully Community, I am Marcus Jose. It is with great gratitude to be part of the ABKC mentor program. I have been showing exclusively for the ABKC since 2013. It has been a personal journey of learning and growth these past years. Whether you just bought your first dog or to the experienced breeder/handler, I am here to share experiences, advice, and recommendations in topics like training, diets, and breed structure. I am a strong advocate for functional, healthy, well temperament, and structurally sound dogs. I am also an advocate of the community aspect of our bully breed. Discussions and the sharing of ideas and visions of the bully breed is something I look forward to doing with all of you. I hold weekly live Q & A sessions on IG (plus you get to meet all my bullies) and I am available through DMs and texts. Say “hi” and let’s talk bully!

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    1. Please review our Hosting Show page on our website. If you go to the event link at top of the page, it has a drop down menu and there is a link for hosting shows.

  1. I notices on your policies you guys aren’t accepting dogs with brc registery, however are promoting brc events Facebook…. is there going to be a change and will you guys start recognizing brc? I hope so

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